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Song Ideas for Speech Introductions at Weddings

Perhaps you’ve noticed whenever you’ve attended a wedding or other formal event: When someone moves to the microphone to give a speech, there is a moment of dead air that occurs whilst everyone waits. Speech Introduction Ideas

Farewell Music for Circle

When it’s time for the bride and groom to say their farewells, they’ll need to choose two or three of their favourite songs for this wonderful tradition “The Farewell Circle”. It’s a way for the guests to

Bride Bouquet Toss and Giveaway

As the reception moves well into its second half, the single ladies gather around for the bride to toss her bouquet. This is an old tradition dating back to the times when baths were rare, and flowers

Father & Daughter Dance and or Mother & Son Dance?

The dances between the bride and her father (father & daughter dance), and the groom and his mother (mother & son dance) are among the most poignant traditions at the reception. These two dances have become popular

Popular Dancing Music from the 1920s

There was a reason why people called that era “The Roaring Twenties”—it was a time when prosperity and high spirits following the end of the First World War put a real spin on culture, and nothing expressed

Music Options For the Wedding Ceremony

The music you play at your wedding ceremony will express the characteristics that you have as individuals and as a couple. It will also set the tone and mood for your wedding. If you doubt the power

What Makes Great Dinner Music?

You may be planning a wedding rehearsal dinner or the actual reception, or possibly you’re arranging for a friend or relative to have a splash of a birthday party this year. Even if the event in question

Music of the 1930s

What kind of music moved people to get up and dance way back, about 80 years ago? Popular music from the 1930s meant every bit as much and maybe more to the people who tapped their toes

Top 1940s Party Songs

Parties are always a blast, but the sure way to make your party even more of a hit is to give it a theme. One theme that seems to be popular is the 1940s. This iconic ear

Tips for Choosing Good Wedding Songs

You’ve spent hours considering various options, and now it’s time to pick some good wedding dance songs for your reception. Four-fifths of people who had recently attended a wedding reception stated in a poll that the music