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Watershed Winery Weddings in Margaret River

Watershed Premium Wines offer a fantastic venue for weddings in Margaret River. With views overlooking the grapevines, friendly service and great tasting food, Watershed winery would have to be one of my favourite wedding reception venues in

21 Reasons to Hire Goldbass DJ Entertainment for Your Event

Goldbass DJ Entertainment believes in providing only the very best DJ experience. When looking for a DJ to bring your event to life, the most important thing you should know is Every DJ is Different. Every DJ

Phones, iPads and Point and Shoot Cameras at Weddings

Here are some great tips for phone, ipad and point and shoot photo taking etiquette during the wedding ceremony. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and try and get that good shot. But

What is the Wedding Anniversary Dance?

During the dancing part of wedding receptions and about an hour after the dance floor has been moovin’ and groovin’, change it up a bit with another special song for “The Anniversary Dance” This will be a

Wedding Reception Special Effects to Add Atmosphere

You want to put your own special signature on your event to signify your uniqueness as a couple. But sometimes it’s difficult to come up with original effects to do that! Below are some ideas you can

Where in WA Will You Have Your Wedding?

If you’re planning your wedding in Western Australia, you have one-third of Australia to choose from. How about a bustling city like Perth, located in the coastal southwestern plains of this State? Or you can explore this

Geraldton Weddings – Accommodation & Venues

You can put together a wonderful wedding day in the area of Geraldton, about a day’s drive (400 km’s) north of Perth or just an hour by plane. Geraldton, with a population of about 38,000, is the capital

Your Wedding Day: Adding the Wow Factor to Your Exit

Hmmm, what to do with your wedding exit? You’ve planned your entire day, from arising to beauty to catering—all the way to your tuxedos, vows, and wardrobes. Yes, we know we’ve left out some of the alphabet

Popular Dancing Music from the 1920s

There was a reason why people called that era “The Roaring Twenties”—it was a time when prosperity and high spirits following the end of the First World War put a real spin on culture, and nothing expressed

The Wedding Garter: A Sigh, a Thigh, a Tradition

Should you take off your wedding garter for the single guys at your wedding? This is definitely something that you and your fiancé should spend some time discussing. It’s a custom that dates back to the fifteenth