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Farewell Music for Circle

When it’s time for the bride and groom to say their farewells, they’ll need to choose two or three of their favourite songs for this wonderful tradition “The Farewell Circle”. It’s a way for the guests to

What is the Wedding Anniversary Dance?

During the dancing part of wedding receptions and about an hour after the dance floor has been moovin’ and groovin’, change it up a bit with another special song for “The Anniversary Dance” This will be a

Bride Bouquet Toss and Giveaway

As the reception moves well into its second half, the single ladies gather around for the bride to toss her bouquet. This is an old tradition dating back to the times when baths were rare, and flowers

Father & Daughter Dance and or Mother & Son Dance?

The dances between the bride and her father (father & daughter dance), and the groom and his mother (mother & son dance) are among the most poignant traditions at the reception. These two dances have become popular

Wedding Reception Special Effects to Add Atmosphere

You want to put your own special signature on your event to signify your uniqueness as a couple. But sometimes it’s difficult to come up with original effects to do that! Below are some ideas you can

Where in WA Will You Have Your Wedding?

If you’re planning your wedding in Western Australia, you have one-third of Australia to choose from. How about a bustling city like Perth, located in the coastal southwestern plains of this State? Or you can explore this