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Popular Dancing Music from the 1920s

There was a reason why people called that era “The Roaring Twenties”—it was a time when prosperity and high spirits following the end of the First World War put a real spin on culture, and nothing expressed

The Wedding Garter: A Sigh, a Thigh, a Tradition

Should you take off your wedding garter for the single guys at your wedding? This is definitely something that you and your fiancé should spend some time discussing. It’s a custom that dates back to the fifteenth

Wedding Venues in Mandurah, Western Australia

Why not consider Mandurah, a lovely seaside location, for your wedding? It’s close to the ocean, small enough to feature plenty of seaside wildlife, but large enough to make transportation convenient. Mandurah Jetty at Sunset Mandurah is

Looking For Some Great Wedding Entertainment Ideas?

You want your wedding to be the event you always dreamed it would be…and part of that wish is to guarantee a wonderful time for your guests. You want them to go home with fond memories of