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Wedding Reception Colours

There’s nothing written in stone about what colours you must choose! Coral Coloured Bridesmaid Dress Colors Years ago, brides wore bright colours executed in rich fabric because the family wanted to display its wealth and position. White

What Makes Great Dinner Music?

You may be planning a wedding rehearsal dinner or the actual reception, or possibly you’re arranging for a friend or relative to have a splash of a birthday party this year. Even if the event in question

Wedding Lighting: Ways to Light Up Your Special Day

What vision do you have for your wedding day reception? The wedding lighting you choose can mean the difference between whimsical and warm, casual and capricious, or cultured and sophisticated. To decide what you want, sit down

Why Fremantle Is a Great Place to Get Married!

What would you like to know about Fremantle? It’s a small city with a huge heart, perched right alongside Perth on the coast of south-western Western Australia. Whether you live in Fremantle or you’re coming from a

Albany Wedding Venues

Why should you consider having your wedding in Albany? It’s a great town with plenty of history and offering lots of great spots for a wedding celebration. With a population of about 33,000, Albany boasts a unique

3 Great Reasons to Get Married in Margaret River

Margaret River can be the perfect getaway for your wedding, a place that’s just a few hours from home, yet with an ambiance that makes you feel as if you’ve jetted to another land. You’ll be just

Weddings at Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley

If the two of you have set a date for a wedding, but you don’t yet have a clear vision of how your final day will be, Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley would make a good

Belvoir Homestead Function Centre – Swan Valley Weddings

The Belvoir rests serenely at a primary locale along the Swan River, and is only only a half-hour commute from the city proper. Location of the Belvoir on Google Maps They are well versed in all aspects