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Red Herring Weddings in Fremantle

The Red Herring has been a popular venue for wedding receptions and unfortunately, as of 2015 will no longer operate under “The Red Herring” name. Hopefully a new name and much needed renovations will be given to

Cable Beach Club Review in Broome, Western Australia

If you are looking for a Cable Beach Club review, here it is. Where else on earth can you find the perfect nexus of natural beauty and man-made luxury other than the Cable Beach Club, the only

Music of the 1930s

What kind of music moved people to get up and dance way back, about 80 years ago? Popular music from the 1930s meant every bit as much and maybe more to the people who tapped their toes

Top 1940s Party Songs

Parties are always a blast, but the sure way to make your party even more of a hit is to give it a theme. One theme that seems to be popular is the 1940s. This iconic ear

Tips for Choosing Good Wedding Songs

You’ve spent hours considering various options, and now it’s time to pick some good wedding dance songs for your reception. Four-fifths of people who had recently attended a wedding reception stated in a poll that the music

The Top Disco Party Songs Ever

If you survived the 1970s, chances are you might consider yourself a child of the disco era. Disco music was born in the late ’60s, blossomed in the ’70s, and kept thriving well into the ’80s. Disco

1950s Party Songs

Do you remember the top 1950s party songs? Legend says that the term rock-and-roll came to us from a Cleveland disc jockey named Alan Freed. He was referring to a 1951 hit called “My Baby Rocks Me

1960s Music, Party Songs and History

The music of the Sixties was a magnificent amalgamation of cultural events. Popular 1960s music came from so many different segments of society. The Fifties were a time when people became introduced to rock and roll music,

Party Music Lists

The best party music lists put together sounds from all genres – Motown, RnB, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Rock and Roll, House music, and just plain old popular dance floor songs. Music lovers don’t limit themselves to just

The Wedding First Dance

The first dance is customarily the most important song played at the wedding reception. The bride and groom are stepping onto the dance floor for the first time as a married couple in the presence of usually